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When did you start playing WoW?

During TBC.

Do you have notable PvP achievements (glad titles, rank 1, etc.)?

· BFA S1 Rank 1 - 3200 rating - 2nd Highest Rated Demon Hunter - Top 30 in 2s, 3s and RBGs simultaneously
· 2800 2v2 peak
· 3200 3v3 peak
· 3000+ RBG peak
· Multi RBG Hero during Legion & BFA
· Multi top 50 on RBG Ladder during Legion & BFA


My names Andy, I'm from Denmark and I'm 22 years old.
I'm a very competitive guy and strive to be the best at every game I play. I play Druid in Classic because I wanna be one of the best FCs, as that is what I played in RBGs during Legion & BFA.
I don't pretend to be the best Druid, or the best player. But I strive to be. :)

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