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When did you start playing WoW?


Do you have notable PvP achievements (glad titles, rank 1, etc.)?

"Multi Rank 1, Multi-time Glad in his own right. ABSOLUTELY." - Tips

Never really pushed for any high rated arena unfortunately.
- Top % RBG Moonkin/ Spriest in MoP

Other random gaming achieves:
- Top 100 in Halo 2 #Boomer
- Masters "insta-lock" Hanzo main Overwatch
- Champion in Rocket League
- Won Solo World Cup $$$ from F OMEGALUL RTNITE


An island boy from Portland, OR. I've been a gamer since a young age and super competitive as long as I can remember. Played all kinds of sports growing up: Basketball became my main sport from a travelling team to a high school Varsity CHAD. This led to playing college ball for 3 years. Eventually had knee surgery and wanted to find a way to stay competitive, and gaming became the perfect outlet.

I did professional photography/ videography while travelling for 2-3 years before I stopped and decided to give streaming on Twitch a shot at the start of 2018. As of now, Classic WoW has helped the channel grow so much, and I just recently applied for partner. So we're currently waiting to hear back :)

Recently been pushing hard to make streaming/ content creation a full-time gig, so here's to a long journey.

Oh, I also have a man-bun KEKW.

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