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I started gaming at the age of 5. I lost my first friend gaming at age 7 when I 20-0'd him at 007 Goldeneye and told him to cry to his mother. At age 9, I invited everyone over to play Mario party so I could assert my dominance. They offered presents, but all I wanted was victory and so I rejected their presents. At age 11, I started pvping in the mean streets of runescape. I quickly evolved in one versus one combat and invented the entire pvp scene as we know it: no honor bridding. At age 15 I started playing WoW, only to quit by age 18 after becoming 2300 rated in Wrath of the lich king, the only expansion where PvP was competitive. At age 19, I went to university which was a huge mistake because if I had started streaming I would be twice as popular and twice as rich than Sodapoppin. At age 27, I started playing WoW classic with one objective: to compete in the CDL. You may have seen me on streams sniping people with my account named Streamsnipe and now, through successful navigation through the game of World of Warcraft I present to you the ultimate stream snipe, the reading of this paragraph in front of twenty thousand viewers. If I win the CDL, I will donate all the money to myself so I can continue sniping streams professionally. My father, who is very proud of me, who goes by the name Mitch Grime will be watching this stream in disappointment.


I come from the net. Through systems, peoples and games to this place: Twitch. My format: Streamsniper, to seek and destroy. To destroy all streamers and their hopes and dreams. To keep them in line and to enforce the laws and limits of the universe upon them. They say a gamer exists outside the net and plays games for pleasure. I never intend to find out. REBOOT

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