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When did you start playing WoW?

I started in vanilla as a wee little bean

Do you have notable PvP achievements (glad titles, rank 1, etc.)?

I have 13x Rank 1, Won NA Regionals 2016, Runner up for blizzcon 2016. Competitive player since 2015 for WoW.


Hi my name is bean. And i am not very lean. I main a Feral druid in WoW retail, and alt or have alted a Rogue, Paladin, Demon hunter to high levels. ive been playing wow since it came out i got into it from my cousin. At first i thought it was a very lame then a month later i got addicted forever. I only quit in wrath because i was a mage and dk's came out and it was not very fun. I never had real life friends to play with :(. I also played a ton of diablo 2 and Warcraft 3. But yeah I've been playing forever and i love this game and also i hate this company activision because it ruined the game :).

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