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When did you start playing WoW?

June 2005

Do you have notable PvP achievements (glad titles, rank 1, etc.)?

I've never actually hit rank 1, although I've had a couple of glad titles post Cata and in BFA. I've always been under the radar for the most part, never really pushing myself to climb the ladder, especially in 3's since I didn't know very many players/have the connections. I've always prefer'd 2's and since Cata I usually try to top the hunters on the ladder as BM.


Hey, my name's Nate, in game I go by Idareyou (Dare, Dareyou work as well). I've been playing WoW since June 2005 where I played a warrior on Shattered Hand. Ended up playing that character and off-tanking SSC/TK in BC. Around that time I actually traded my account to faction change to play with friends. I ended up trading a decked out warrior for both specs, w/ epic flying, tons of exalted reps, and some 5k+ gold for a full green not even max level hunter. I ended up playing that same hunter and only that hunter (never made an alt) until BFA when my account actually got taken back by the original owner. I then proceeded to make another hunter. Haven't played any other spec besides BM since late Cataclysm, fell in love with it. And since then I've had multiple glad titles, but never reached r1 unfortunately. I also prefer 2's over 3's. I've also been a top world parsing BM hunter (PVE) since the beginning of Legion. I started playing priest on private servers such as Nostalrius, and fell in love w/ shadow. That's why I decided to play priest over hunter in Classic because I didn't care for vanilla hunter, nor never played it on live. I've had experience with priest and know that I would have an enjoyable experience. I also have been a Masters+ player for a couple of seasons now in League of Legends, innovating AP shyvana in high elo in early s7, I became the #1 Shyvana in the world playing her AP. That's pretty much it.

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