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When did you start playing WoW?

TBC release date - EU

Do you have notable PvP achievements (glad titles, rank 1, etc.)?

"TBC EU Glad x1 - Nazggul - Hunter 2v2
WoTLK RU Arena Master/ Glad x2 - Нэзгул - Death Knight 3v3
Cata RU Glad x1 - Нэзгул - Death Knight 3v3 (top rate 2811)"


"Hi, I'm Max.
30 years old. Moved to California from Ukraine just one year ago. Working in worldwide IT company and playing WoW/Dota 2.
Having a great family in the world including my daughter (she is almost 2).
Didn't play a lot since Wow Cata however I've been watching Payo since his youtube channel has only 2k followers(subs) and partially started to play because of little ofc.
Honestly started to play Wow Classic on Faerlina just to fight top players in NA and to be prepared... I practiced WEEKS on Hensou.pvp server.
Thanks everyone who bet on me!"

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